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Kings' Favorite

Taste That Echoes in Eternity



If unique tastes  and aromas interest you, let us introduce you to Moriel's rarest limited edition Chacha.

In the memory of the greatest kings of Georgia and Israel "Kings' Favorite"  is distilled from the factual birthplace of Wine with respect to the Jewish dietary laws of Kashrut.

40 %

700 ml

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Moriel Introductionn

Moriel Introductionn

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A Story of A Drink That Ties Two Nations Together

It has been a while since Georgia secured its reputation as a paradise for wine connoisseurs and lovers. And as tourism continues to boom, the country's national spirit, chacha, is now experiencing a spotlight.


Chacha has gained popularity worldwide and foreign tourists never forget to mention that they adore this drink.


Wine plays an irreplaceable role in Georgia's culture and folklore. Alongside Christianity and the unique Georgian language, it is a pillar of national identity. The Georgian nation is one of the most ancient ones in the world with a consecutive tradition of viticulture and winemaking. It has a record of thousands of years of vintages which continues to this day. Archeological finds have scientifically proven that Georgia is the birthplace of wine with the first ever evidence of wine in the history of mankind.


Georgian wine was made in underground clay vessels called "qvevri" and natives have been preserving this cultural phenomenon for centuries.


According to the local tales, God gave Georgians wine, and the devil, in a fit of competitive jealousy, gifted them with a far more potent concoction – chacha.

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