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Moriel Global Group

Moriel Global Group is an international company that strives to offer exclusive products and services to its multi-ethnic multi-national target audience all around the World. 

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All About Moriel 

At Moriel, we aim to tell a story of Georgian-Jewish friendship with both the verbal and visual aspects of our branding as not only the history but the symbolics of the two people have something in common. As a proven birthplace of wine, Georgia has vine and grape as its most prominent symbols, while the olive tree plays a significant role in Jewish culture. The essence of this connection is that the olive tree and vine are the only two plants that cannot be grafted with other plants. Hence the elements of vine and olive tree on our logo.


Moreover, our logo also presents "Alef and Ani," incorporated into our visual identity to celebrate the world's two one of the most ancient languages - Georgian and Jewish. The custom shape created for Moriel is a synergy of the first letters from both alphabets.


Aleph, in Jewish culture, represents the oneness of God. The letter consists of an upper yud, a lower yud, and a vav leaning on a diagonal. The upper yud depicts the hidden and inexpressible characteristics of God. The lower yud portrays God's revelation and presence in the world. Numerologically, Yud represents 10 and the vav represents 6. The Aleph symbol, therefore, is represented as 10+10+6 and equals 26. 26=God.


Ani, in the Georgian alphabet, is the first letter expressing the evolution of the Georgian writing system. The Georgian language had three writing systems: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri, and Mkhedruli.


The combination of these two letters has a unique place in our logo and our hearts.


Morieli was founded with the cooperation of two hard-working and influential people - Rabbi Iakov Gagulashvili and Tika Svanidze-Vancko. 

Rabbi Iakov is a World Rabbi of Georgian Jews and the chief religious judge of Yerushalayim and Ashdod. He carries the heritage of Georgian-Jewish relations and supports the two countries by keeping their friendship story alive.


Rabbi was born on August 3, 1966, in Senaki in the family of the local chief rabbi, Khakham Abraham Gagulashvili.


He has published fifteen books in Hebrew and two in Georgian, in which the author, as the spiritual leader of Georgian Jews, thanks his worthy ancestors for preserving the Torah and traditions, and the Georgian people for centuries of fraternal coexistence, for the respected history of cultural dialogue between the two nations.


Rabbi Iakov is actively engaged in public activities and is a philanthropist. For his remarkable contribution to Georgia-Israel relations, Rabbi Iakov Gagulashvili was awarded the title of "Honorary Senakian" in 2021 and "Honorary Doctor" of Akhaltsikhe State University in 2022. He is a renowned human being first and then a religious figure. His opinion is respected not only in Israel but worldwide.

Rabbi Iakov Gagulashvili

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